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 Sixt rent a bicycle prices and service charges

Single trip Subscription
30 min ride 0.99 EUR
Xh/day free of charge

Every additional 30 min

0.99 EUR

0.49 EUR

24 h 9.99 EUR
4.99 EUR

The rental fee is calculated for each 30 minutes starting from the time when you receive the combination lock code.

The rental payment is charged during 24 h after the bicycle return. In case of long term rental, when you reach the sum of 9.99EUR it will be charged to your account and Sixt rent a bicycle will continue to rent the bicycle until its return will be registered. The bicycle rental period not longer than 5 days. 

Other costs

Client registration is free of charge.

When you register at Sixt rent a bicycle, your credit card will be charged with the deposit in the amount of 9.99 EUR which will serve as a guarantee of bicycle rental payment. The sum in the amount of 9.99 EUR will be transferred to your Sixt rent a bicycle account and later will be used to cover the bicycle rental payment. In case if the sum is not used in the full amount, after you close your Sixt rent a bicycle account, we will transfer the remaining amount back to the indicated credit card account.

The customer is hold liable for claims deriving from theft and damages with an equity contribution of 75.00 EUR.
For bicycle return in place other than Sixt official stand, the customer is held liable 20.00 EUR.
For bicycle return without the lock, the customer is hold liable 20.00 EUR.
For bicycle return in the stand other than registered, the customer is hold liable 20.00 EUR.
For lock code change without informing Sixt, the customer is hold liable 20.00 EUR.

Sixt rent a bicycle seasonal pass

Go on your daily errands, pleasure rides or city sightseeing tours in an eco-friendly and comfortable way  on a Sixt rental bicycle!  Get you seasonal pass and travel for even better price! 

Seasonal pass is valid for Sixt rent a bicycle services in Riga and Jurmala. The seasonal pass guarantees 2 hours in a 24 hour period FOR FREE. If you are planning to use Sixt rental bicycle for more than 2 hours a day, for each additional 30 minutes you will be charged with the 50% discount from the full price. 

Upon redemption, the seasonal pass will be sent to your e-mail address within 3 - 5 days. The seasonal pass is valid till December 31th, 2018 or till the end of bicycle rental season.

Clients, who are not registered on a Sixt rent a bicycle website, need a valid Visa or Martercard 
creditcard. At the time of registration the deposit in the amount of 1 EUR is withholded. One person can use one seasonal pass. With the seasonal pass activation, client accepts Sixt rent a bicycle general terms and conditions.  


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